This is Annie, just laying around on a nice spring day.  This photo was taken by a visitor to the farm.  Occasionally we open to visitors to come pet and love on our pigs.  

Sweet Pea


Sweet Pea was our very first rescue.  This was right after she was unloaded from the trailer.  She came from a local shelter.  She was placed in the shelter due to a divorce, she was extremely scared, sunburned and her hooves were overgrown and she was walking on her heels.  She is loving her new home at Hawkins Hideaway Farms.  



We have many ages of pigs, this is just a photo of a group we call our teenagers.  This group consists of pigs ranging from 6 months to a year.  Many of these are siblings that were dropped at a Shelter or were accidental litters the owners could not care for or sale.